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Clinical experience and results of treatment with suprofen in pediatrics. 4th communication: Assessment of pain in babies and infants/Analgesic effect of suprofen syrup in otitis media.

In a study including a total of 175 children, ranging in age from 3 months to 3 years and suffering from otitis media, the analgesic effect of alpha-methyl-4-(2-thienylcarbonyl)-phenyl acetic acid (suprofen, Suprol) syrup was compared with that of lidocaine 0.03 g/6 g + phenazone (phenyl-dimethylpyrazolone) 0.03 g/6 g (L PDP) ear drops. The study was designed as an open controlled trial. The test medications were applied in single doses: suprofen 5-7.5 mg/kg b.w., orally; (L PDP) 1 drop, locally. The severity of pain was assessed in the beginning of the treatment and 2 h following administration of the drugs. The results were indicative of the fact that in children on suprofen syrup marked pain relief was obtained, whereas the painful condition of children on L PDP ear drops even deteriorated.[1]


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