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Effects of ovarian hormones on manifestation of purulent endometritis in rat uteruses infected with Escherichia coli.

To assess the influence of hormones on uterine infections, Escherichia coli was infused into uterine lumens of ovariectomized or adrenoovariectomized rats receiving exogenous administration of various doses of ovarian hormones. Large numbers of E. coli were recovered from the rat uterine lumens, irrespective of hormonal influences. The number of leukocytes in the uterine flushings, representing the magnitude of purulent inflammation, differed significantly depending upon the hormonal regimen given to each host. Purulent endometritis was induced by E. coli in ovariectomized rats receiving progesterone or corn oil (hormone vehicle). Infections were asymptomatic in rats receiving estradiol, but promethazine-treated uterine horns were susceptible to infection. When progesterone was administered along with estradiol, purulent inflammation was caused by E. coli, but the number of leukocytes in the uterine lumens was significantly less than that obtained from the rats treated with progesterone or corn oil. These effects of ovarian hormones on uterine infections were observed in adrenoovariectomized rats as well as in ovariectomized rats. It is suggested that estradiol alters the nature of endometrial epithelium and prevent manifestation of purulent endometritis; progesterone antagonizes estradiol. Adrenal hormones appear not to participate in the pathogenesis of endometritis induced by E. coli.[1]


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