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Use of temocillin in typhoid fever, hepatobiliary disease and other infections.

During 1980-1984, 51 patients with enteric fever (typhoid/paratyphoid fever and salmonellosis) biliary tract sepsis, and other Gram-negative infections were treated with temocillin at 3 medical centres in Bangkok, Thailand. This article summarises the results in the 42 evaluable patients (14 males, 28 females); 10 patients with enteric fever, 2 patients with salmonellosis; 12 patients with biliary tract sepsis, and 18 patients with other Gram-negative infections. Overall, 86% of the patients were clinically cured or improved. Bacteriological eradication or marked reduction in the number of organisms was achieved in 95% of the patients. In 10 cases of enteric fever and 2 cases of salmonellosis all bacterial pathogens were eradicated, but 1 case of Salmonella paratyphi infection failed clinically. Eleven of 12 biliary tract infections were clinically cured or improved, and organisms were eliminated from all 10 bacteriologically assessable patients. The majority of patients received 1 to 2g of temocillin given by intravenous infusion twice daily for 5 to 14 days. Temocillin was well tolerated by all patients.[1]


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