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Effects of cisapride on jejunal motor activity in fasting healthy humans.

The effects of cisapride on jejunal interdigestive motor activity were studied in 12 healthy men participating in three experiments each. Five minutes after an activity front (phase III) they received, in random double-blind fashion, 10 mg of cisapride, 4 mg of cisapride, or saline placebo by intravenous injection. Motor activity was recorded for 4 h. A pneumohydraulic perfusion system and five catheters with orifices positioned 10-30 cm beyond the ligament of Treitz were used. Cisapride increased phase II-type activity (p less than 0.001) and reduced the number of activity fronts dose-dependently. Compared with phase II after placebo, the activity prevailing after cisapride was characterized by a significantly higher number and amplitude of contractions as well as by a significantly greater area under the pressure curve. Moreover, a significantly higher proportion of contractions was propagated aborally. Self-rated abdominal grumbling increased dose-dependently. Except for mild sedative effects, no side effects occurred. We conclude that cisapride induces a prolonged and highly propagative phase II-like jejunal motor activity in fasting humans.[1]


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