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Hyodeoxycholic acid: a new approach to gallstone prevention.

Hyodeoxycholic acid and its isomer, 6 beta-hyodeoxycholic acid, when added to a lithogenic diet prevented the formation of cholesterol gallstones and crystals in prairie dogs. This beneficial effect occurred in the presence of bile supersaturated with cholesterol. Hyodeoxycholic acid abolished the feedback inhibition of hepatic hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity, the rate-limiting enzyme of cholesterol synthesis, and prevented elevations in serum and liver cholesterol observed in animals fed a 0.4 percent cholesterol diet. The gallbladder bile of the animals fed hyodeoxycholic acid and 6 beta-hyodeoxycholic acid contained abundant liquid crystals. This suggests that these bile acids prevented the transition of cholesterol from its liquid crystalline phase to solid crystals and stones.[1]


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