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Malignant melanoma of the eye: treatment of posterior uveal lesions by Co-60 plaque radiotherapy versus enucleation.

Survival rates and visual acuity of 100 patients treated for posterior uveal malignant melanoma by cobalt-60 plaque radiotherapy were compared with 150 patients treated by enucleation for the same disease. Life-table comparisons of the entire group showed significant differences in survival rates, with plaque radiotherapy patients appearing to fare better. However, when patients with small or medium tumors were compared, only slight differences were seen, implying that criteria used to select patients for treatment may affect interpretation. The two groups were also compared using the Cox proportional hazards model, which predicts survival based on the impact of clinical variables. In this analysis, the survival rates of the plaque radiotherapy group were no worse than those of the enucleation group. The advantage of conservative therapy lies in the potential to preserve useful vision over a considerable time. Because patients were specifically selected for treatment modality and because the study size used to calibrate the Cox model was small, the results of this study must be interpreted with caution.[1]


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