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Four-year follow-up of insertion of quinacrine hydrochloride pellets as a means of nonsurgical female sterilization.

Eighty-four women were admitted to a study in Baroda, India, designed for evaluation of the efficacy of three transcervical insertions of quinacrine hydrochloride pellets, each 1 month apart, in producing occlusion of the oviducts. A 4-year follow-up has been completed for 100% of the women. Three women became pregnant during the time between the first and third administrations. Of the 81 women remaining in the study after administrations were complete, 3 became pregnant during the 4-year follow-up period, which resulted in a cumulative life-table pregnancy rate of 3.7 at 48 months. The results of this study indicate that intrauterine insertion of quinacrine pellets can be a safe, effective nonsurgical sterilization procedure.[1]


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