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Can better basic and advanced cardiac life support improve outcome from cardiac arrest?

The effect of basic and advanced cardiac life support ( BLS and ACLS) on long-term survival is dependent upon both the response time and the quality of intervention. Retention research using the results of classroom testing as indirect indicators has shown that performance of BLS and ACLS skills is poor. This suggests that BLS and ACLS courses do not teach the knowledge and skills well, the information is too difficult to retain, testing procedures are faulty, and/or the performance standards are unrealistic. To maximize the likelihood of successful resuscitation from cardiac arrest, we propose the following: (a) simplify the BLS procedures; (b) simplify the BLS and ACLS curricula; (c) simplify teaching strategies; (d) simplify testing based on what steps are required to sustain life; (e) define objective criteria for knowledge acquisition and skill performance; (f) base refresher training on diagnosed deficiencies and evaluate innovative ways to improve retention; (g) develop a resuscitation record to provide accurate documentation of patient status, dysrhythmias, therapy, and responses to therapy; (h) develop a process evaluation tool to evaluate individual and group performances during actual resuscitation; and (i) form an international consortium of BLS and ACLS investigators.[1]


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