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Disease relevance of Curriculum


High impact information on Curriculum


Chemical compound and disease context of Curriculum

  • The purpose of the present trial was to verify the efficacy and safety of long-term ranitidine treatment (150 mg at bedtime for 1 year) for the maintenance of duodenal ulcer healing in 22 patients following a successful short-term course of therapy with ranitidine at the full dose of 300 mg per day [11].

Biological context of Curriculum


Associations of Curriculum with chemical compounds

  • Eighty-nine patients were not treated with corticosteroid or immunosuppressive drugs and 51 patients were treated mainly with short-term courses of prednisone alone; a minority of patients also received meclofenamate, cyclophosphamide, azathioprine, or chlorambucil [17].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, a short-term course of ND had an overall positive effect relative to placebo on FFM without expanding extracellular water in patients with COPD [18].
  • American College of Zoological Medicine recommendations on veterinary curricula [19].
  • CONCLUSION: A short-term course of azithromycin offers no benefits for survival or ankle pressure in PAD-patients [20].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Factors such as the general integration of parenteral nutrition into tertiary medical care, standard protocols and order forms, automatic Nutrition Support Service consultations in an affiliated hospital, and nutrition curricula may be responsible for the improvements seen since 1979 [21].

Gene context of Curriculum

  • Considerable attention is given to the potential for using the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) in modeling, advising, designing curricula, and monitoring quality improvement of programs and graduates [22].
  • In contrast, serum haptoglobin levels were subnormal initially, as well as throughout the subsequent short-term course [23].
  • Either a short-term course (7-20 days) of recombinant human erythropoietin, 4000 U daily SQ (12 patients) or placebo (7 patients) was administered [24].
  • Part I NBME appears to adequately reflect and assess the TM content of the medical school curricula, but the number and distribution of questions in Part II of the NBME does not reflect recent changes in the clinical transfusion medicine curricula of many United States medical schools [25].
  • The need for educating the people of Kerala on epilepsy and for incorporating an adequate knowledge of epilepsy in the school curricula cannot be overemphasized [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Curriculum


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