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Unilateral Meniere's disease: is the contralateral ear normal?

Certain investigations in patients with unilateral Meniere's disease may on occasion show abnormalities in the completely symptomless contralateral ear. These tests include transtympanic electrocochleography, the acetazolamide cochlear hydration test, vestibular aqueduct tomography, and caloric testing. Eventually these ears may well become symptomatic. Previous studies have shown that otoadmittance changes are a sensitive indicator of glycerol-induced intracochlear pressure alterations in hydropic ears, but do not occur in patients without Meniere's disease. Otoadmittance parameters were evaluated in the asymptomatic ears of 73 consecutive patients with unilateral Meniere's disease. Satisfactory traces and adequate dehydration were achieved in fifty-nine. A significant change in the maximum conductance, similar to that often seen in symptomatic hydropic ears, was found in twenty-four cases (40.7%). The presence of functional abnormalities in well over one-third of asymptomatic ears means that they cannot be used as controls in clinical research studies. Furthermore, recognition of contralateral latent hydrops at the initial otologic assessment may modify the subsequent treatment strategy.[1]


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