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Amitraz in the control of non-ixodide ectoparasites of livestock.

Amitraz has been shown to be successful in controlling mange and lice infestations on pigs which had failed to respond to diazinon and gamma-BHC, respectively, and by the use of a prophylactic programme to maintain pig herds mange free. In addition, trials have indicated the elimination of psoroptic mange from sheep by applying the compound to the animal using either conventional or less conventional methods of treatment. Mixed infections of Chorioptes spp., Psoroptes spp. and Sarcoptes spp., in cattle have also been controlled using spray applications of amitraz, where in some cases organochlorine, organophosphorus and organotin compounds had failed. In a pilot study a heavy infestation of chorioptic mange was controlled on a calf using a pour-on formulation of amitraz.[1]


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