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Pharmacokinetic study of antipyrine in malnourished children.

Plasma half-life and metabolic clearance rate of antipyrine administered intravenously in a dose of 16 mg/kg body weight was studied in 10 children suffering from protein calorie malnutrition and five normal children matched in age and sex. Plasma half-life was increased and metabolic clearance rate was decreased in malnourished children (10.4 hr and 47.1 ml/hr per kg, respectively) in comparison to controls ( 6.3 hr and 70.1 ml/hr per kg, respectively). This observation indirectly reflects the lowered activity of microsomal oxidative enzyme of liver. Five children were restudied after nutritional rehabilitation of 17 to 25 days. Antipyrine plasma half-life decreased to 6.6 hr and metabolic clearance rate increased to 66.5 ml/hr per kg. These values were similar to those in normal children indicating biological recovery. The drug therapy in children with protein calorie malnutrition requires reconsideration in light of these observations.[1]


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