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The effectiveness of rubidazone in hairy cell leukemia (leukemic reticuloendotheliosis).

Two patients with hairy cell leukemia treated with the anthracycline antibiotic rubidazone are presented. One achieved a complete remission and the other a good partial hematologic and bone marrow remission. Neither has relapsed (at 20 and 13 mo, respectively), and neither has been retreated. Intensive supportive measures were required during the prolonged myelosuppression that followed treatment. The relative youth of the patients (ages 24 and 39 yr) may have contributed to their ability to survive until normal marrow recovered. Chemotherapy should not be employed in the initial management of hairy cell leukemia. However, if life-threatening granulocytopenia and thrombocytopenia occur secondary to bone marrow replacement by leukemic cells, and improvement does not occur using alternative methods of therapy, consideration could be given to chemotherapy with rubidazone. Facilities for intensive supportive care should be available.[1]


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