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Radioimmunoassays for the modified nucleosides N[9-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl)purin-6-ylcarbamoyl]-L-threonine and 2-methylthioadenosine.

Radioimmunoassays were established for the modified nucleosides N-[9-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl)purin-6-ylcarbamoyl]-L-threonine, t6A, and 2-methylthioadenosine, ms2A. The assays depended on the production of antisera specific for t6A and ms2A that have not been previously reported. The nitrocellulose membrane filtration and saturated ammonium sulfate RIA techniques were compared for efficiency. Various radioactive antigens were employed to establish which type of antigen would give the best binding. The tritium post-labeling procedure of Randerath and Randerath was used to obtain labeled nucleosides of high enough specific activity to be useful for RIAs when the labeled nucleoside was not available commerically. The specificity of the antibodies toward nucleosides and purified tRNAs is reported. Although the titer of the t6A antiserum was low, the specificity was very sharp. An interesting finding was that threonine, a major structural component of the side-chain modification of t6A, was completely infective as an inhibitor.[1]


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