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Purification of form AI and AII DNA-dependent RNA polymerases from rat-liver nucleoli using low-ionic-strength extraction conditions.

Recent findings have confirmed the role of form A DNA-dependent polymerase activity as that which is responsible for the transcription of the ribosomal RNA-coding genes. Unfortunately, the form A enzymes have proved to be very labile and difficult to work with, especially under high ionic strength conditions. We have, therefore, investigated a method for the purification of the form AI and AII enzymes from rat liver using mild low-ionic-strength conditions. Since preparations from whole nuclei were found to be grossly contaminated with protein having similar properties, the enzymes are extracted from nucleoli. Forms AI and AII are separated on a phosphocellulose column, purified by further ion-exchange chromatography, and by sedimentation through a glycerol gradient. The purified enzymes each migrate as a single band on native polyacrylamide gels and have the expected characteristics of form A RNA polymerase. Sedimentation rates through glycerol gradients indicate that they both have a similar size to that of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase (Mr about 500,000). The purified enzymes are free of DNase and RNase. A method is also described for the purification of form B from the nucleoplasm remaining after isolation of nucleoli. The presence of form C activity was not detected.[1]


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