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Day and night rhythms in the methylation of N-acetylserotonin/5-hydroxytryptophol in the pineal gland of males rats of different ages.

Next to a night rhythm of the methylation of N-acetylserotonin/5-hydroxytryptophol the presence of a daytime rhythm could also be established. Rhythmicity was studied in May during the night and in June during daytime in 21, 42 and 70 days old male Wistar rats. In 21 days old rats, moderate HIOMT activity was observed from 12 p.m.--4 a.m. In rats aged 42 and 70 days HIOMT activity was increased showing a peak at 4 a.m. In September this night maximum is observed at 12 p.m. in rats, aged 42 days. This points to the presence of a seasonal change in HIOMT rhythmicity during the night. During daytime a moderate HIOMT activity is present, which reaches a maximum at 2 p.m. in the 21 and 42 day old animals, while in the adult 70 days old rats activity starts to increase at 2 p.m. probably reaching a maximum at 6 p.m.[1]


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