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RNA splicing in neurospora mitochondria: self-splicing of a mitochondrial intron in vitro.

We have used Neurospora nuclear mutant cyt-18-1, which accumulates a number of unspliced mitochondrial precursor RNAs, to identify rapidly mitochondrial introns that are self-splicing in vitro. Incubation of deproteinized whole mitochondrial RNA from the mutant with 32P-GTP resulted in strong labeling of a 1.3 kb RNA, subsequently identified as cytochrome b (cob) intron 1, and weaker labeling of additional RNAs. Self-splicing of cob intron 1, including precise cleavage and ligation, was confirmed using an in vitro transcript synthesized from the SP6 promoter. The in vitro splicing reaction was shown to be analogous to that for the Tetrahymena nuclear rRNA intron. Since splicing of cob intron 1 is inhibited in a recessive nuclear mutant, we infer that this essentially RNA-catalyzed splicing reaction must be facilitated by a protein in vivo.[1]


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