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Characterization of gamma-linolenic acid in Ribes seed.

The total lipid content of fruit seeds of the Ribes family ranges by weight from 18.3% in goose-berries (Ribes uva crispa) to 30.5% in black currants (Ribes nigrum). Isolation procedures and analytical methods (gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, high performance thin layer chromatography and stereospecific analysis) demonstrate that the oils from Ribes seeds contain up to 19% by weight of gamma-linolenic acid (gamma-LA, C18:3, n-6) in black currant oil. This last Ribes species thus constitutes one of the richest natural sources in gamma-LA yet described. These oils appear promising for critically ill patients who seem unable to convert linoleic acid into subsequent EFA fractions.[1]


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