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Luliberin and somatostatin fiber-terminals in the subfornical organ of the rat.

With the aid of light- and electron- microscopic immunocytochemistry, somatostatin- and luliberin (LRF)-positive fibers can be demonstrated in the rat subfornical organ (SFO). Each of the neurohormones has a specific location: LRF in the lateral parts of the organ, and somatostatin in the center of the posterior zone. Common to both neurohormone-containing fibers is the pattern in which they reach the organ as well as the fact that their terminals are located in the perivascular spaces of fenestrated vessels, i.e., within the limited neurohemal regions of the organ. Since injection of India ink of different colors demonstrates that the capillary bed of the SFO is connected with the central capillaries of the choroid plexus, the question arises as to whether the neurohormones released in the area of the SFO influence the choroid plexus.[1]


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