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Gene Review

Sst  -  somatostatin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: SS-14, SS-28, Smst, Somatostatin
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Disease relevance of Sst


Psychiatry related information on Sst


High impact information on Sst

  • Cyclic AMP stimulates somatostatin gene transcription by phosphorylation of CREB at serine 133 [11].
  • Administration of cortistatin depresses neuronal electrical activity but, unlike somatostatin, induces low-frequency waves in the cerebral cortex and antagonizes the effects of acetylcholine on hippocampal and cortical measures of excitability [12].
  • Also, these phases of sleep are differentially sensitive to a number of endogenous neuropeptides and cytokines, including somatostatin, which has been shown to increase REM sleep without significantly affecting other phases [12].
  • Here we show that two out of four subtypes of beta-subunits tested (beta 1 and beta 3) are selectively involved in the signal transduction cascades from muscarinic M4 (ref. 4) and somatostatin receptors, respectively, to voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels [13].
  • The neuropeptide somatostatin inhibits secretion from electrically excitable cells in the pituitary, pancreas, gut and brain [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sst


Biological context of Sst


Anatomical context of Sst


Associations of Sst with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Sst

  • Fractional reduction of somatostatin concentration interacted with rat growth hormone releasing hormone to titrate the magnitude of pulsatile growth hormone and prolactin release in perifusion [30].
  • The aim of this study was to examine the potencies of several recently identified selective somatostatin (SRIF)-receptor ligands as inhibitors of electrogenic ion transport in the rat distal colonic mucosa with the view to identifying the SRIF receptor type involved [31].
  • Analogues of somatostatin bind selectively to brain somatostatin receptor subtypes [32].
  • These data suggest a SS receptor/G protein uncoupling as a result of binding of pentagastrin to gastrin receptors present in pancreatic acinar cell membranes [33].
  • 125I-ET-1 binding to retinal particulate preparations was not inhibited by 1 microM concentrations of somatostatin, atrial natriuretic factor, brain natriuretic peptide, thyroid-stimulating hormone, growth hormone, or insulin [34].

Co-localisations of Sst


Regulatory relationships of Sst

  • Somatostatin inhibition of basal and carbachol-stimulated gastrin release in rat antral organ culture [27].
  • While somatostatin blocked GRF-induced GH release, the augmented cAMP levels were only slightly reduced.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)[38]
  • Somatostatin inhibits interleukin 6 release from rat cortical type I astrocytes via the inhibition of adenylyl cyclase [39].
  • Somatostatin and growth hormone inhibited inflammatory mediators and TNF alpha mRNA overexpressions, reduced the risk of MODS, corrected hypoalbuminemia, reversed negative nitrogen balance, and controlled the reduction of cell groups with functions and reasonably intervened SIRS caused by ANP [40].
  • We propose that bFGF regulates the short term secretion and accumulation of SS and mediates rGRF-stimulated SS expression [41].

Other interactions of Sst


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sst

  • To investigate the functional significance of these distribution patterns, we examined the regional and cellular relationships between somatostatin axons and sst2A receptors in the rat CNS, using double-labeling immunocytochemistry [21].
  • Light and confocal microscopy revealed a significant correlation (p < 0.02) between the distribution of somatodendritic sst2A receptor immunoreactivity and that of somatostatin terminal fields, both quantitatively and qualitatively [21].
  • After treatment with L-glutamate, AMPA, or kainate, secretion of somatostatin from isolated islets was significantly stimulated under low-glucose conditions [25].
  • Somatostatin cells from the canine gastric fundus were isolated by EDTA-collagenase dispersion and counterflow elutriation, and somatostatin-like immunoreactivity (SLI) release in response to SOS was measured by radioimmunoassay [45].
  • The presence of SS-specific mRNA in 44-2C cells was shown morphologically by in situ hybridization [41].


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