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Regulatory mutations in CHO cells induce expression of the mouse embryonic antigen SSEA-1.

Two rare and dominant mutants of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, LEC11 and LEC12, express the mouse embryonic antigen SSEA-1. Parental CHO cells and the revertants, LEC11.R9 and LEC12.R10, do not express this antigen as detected by a sensitive radioimmunoassay with a monoclonal antibody to SSEA-1. The presence of the SSEA-1 determinant correlates with the apparent de novo expression of specific N-acetylglucosaminide alpha(1,3)fucosyltransferase activities not detected in parental or revertant cell extracts. Several differences in the enzymes substrate specificities and their products have been identified. The combined data suggest that LEC11 and LEC12 mutants result from regulatory mutations affecting different fucosyltransferase genes.[1]


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