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Focal osteomalacia due to low-dose diphosphonate therapy in Paget's disease.

Transiliac bone biopsies carried out on 13 patients with Paget's disease to evaluate the effects of low-dose diphosphonate (disodium etidronate) therapy showed focal osteomalacia in the 9 patients in whom post-therapy specimens were taken through pagetic bone. Active bone resorption persisted in 5 of these. A mineralisation defect not amounting to osteomalacia--ie, osteoid of increased thickness but of normal extent--was present in the 4 specimens taken through non-pagetic bone. Although 9 patients experienced symptomatic improvement, 2 suffered fissure fractures in affected lower limbs. In Paget's disease, the combination of osteomalacia and continuing active resorption within a lytic lesion may increase the risk of fracture in a weight-bearing bone. It is suggested that although disodium etidronate often provides effective pain relief it should be administered with caution until the optimum dose and duration of therapy are further evaluated.[1]


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