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Morphological changes induced by -SH reagents in rod photoreceptor outer segments.

Rat retinas were treated in vitro with -SH reagents and "stained" with zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide (ZIO). Dithioerythritol (DTE), an -S-S-reducing agent, increased the electron opaque deposits observed after ZIO staining in the intra- and extradiskal spaces of the rods. N-ethyl-maleimide (nem), an -SH blocking agent, applied directly or after DTE, blocks the ZIO reaction. Furthermore, after treatment with NEM, distorted tubular and vesicular structures are substituted for the stacks of disks. These results strongly suggest that ZIO reacts with -SH groups in rod outer segments. They also indicate that SH-groups play an important role in the structural organization of rod outer segments.[1]


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