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Effect of influenza A virus on leukocyte histamine release.

Viral respiratory infections provoke asthma in many patients. In the following study we examined the effect of an in vitro incubation of influenza A on leukocyte histamine release. After incubation with a live influenza A (H3N2) virus, calcium ionophore A23187 (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 microgram/ml)-induced leukocyte histamine release (HR) was enhanced (p less than 0.05). This effect was also found with heat- or ether-inactivated virus. Similarly, influenza A-exposed leukocytes had augmented leukocyte HR during subsequent incubation with ragweed AgE. Incubation of the leukocyte suspension with interferon (800 IU/ml) for 24 hr was also associated with enhanced HR to ragweed AgE. In contrast, interferon did not alter the calcium ionophore A23187 HR. Therefore, although interferon may mediate the enhanced leukocyte HR when ragweed AgE is the inciting stimulus, it does not change HR to the calcium ionophore.[1]


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