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Genetic activity of bleomycin in Escherichia coli.

The induction of umuC gene expression, cell lethality, induction of W-reactivation of UV-irradiated lambda-phage and the induction of mutagenesis caused by bleomycin (Blm) were studied in Escherichia coli K-12 strains with special references to the effects of SOS repair deficiencies. (1) The umuC gene is inducible by Blm and the induction is regulated by the lexA and recA genes. (2) The lexA and recA mutants are slightly more sensitive to Blm-killing than wild-type strain. (3) The plating efficiency of UV-irradiated lambda-phage increased by Blm treatment of the host cell. This increase was not observed in the umuC mutant. The plating efficiency of UV-irradiated lambda-phage was drastically reduced in the lexA and recA strains treated with Blm. (4) No significant increase of the reversion of nonsense mutation (his-4 to His+) in AB1157 by the treatment of Blm was observed. Possible implications of these results are discussed.[1]


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