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Attitudes regarding utilization of artificial insemination by donor in Huntington disease.

We report on a study of attitudes toward artificial insemination by donor (AID) of persons at risk for Huntington disease ( HD). The subjects of the study were 91 at risk persons and 68 matched controls. Both groups were divided by sex and age (45 yr less than or equal to vs greater than or equal to 46 yr). Demographic data included age, occupation, marital status, religion, education, ethnic background, and family size. We recorded 1) attitudes toward reproduction, 2) nature of contact with affected family member(s), 3) effects of HD on family planning, 4) attitudes toward AID, and 5) concern about donor selection criteria. Results suggest that 1) men and women differ in several ways with regard to their views about AID, and 2) that more vigorous educational programs might increase utilization of AID for the prevention of not only HD, but other human genetic diseases as well.[1]


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