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Cytogenetic investigations in mentally retarded and normal males from 14 families with the fragile site at Xq28. Results of folic acid treatment on fra(X) expression.

Lymphocyte cultures from 27 mentally retarded males aged 1 year to 77 years, and from 11 normal brothers from a total of 14 families with the fragile X segregating have been examined cytogenetically employing three different culture methods including methods for induction of fra(X) by FUdR (flourodeoxyuridine) or MTX (methotrexate). All mentally retarded males showed unequivocal fra(X) expression. No statistically significant correlation between fra(X) expression and age could be demonstrated. No enhancement with FUdR was observed. Fibroblast cultures from 10 retarded males expressed fra(X) in a dose-response relationship to increasing concentrations of FUdR. None of the normal males showed fra(X). In vivo folic acid treatment of seven mentally retarded males resulted in marked reduction in fra(X) expression in lymphocyte cultures grown in medium 199. However, reinduction was achieved by FUdR or MTX, except in one case who temporarily received very high doses of folic acid.[1]


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