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Chemical Compound Review

Mexate     (2S)-2-[[4-[(2,4- diaminopteridin-6...

Synonyms: Emtexate, Emthexat, Lantarel, Metolate, Metrotex, ...
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  • A similar organization is found in independently isolated methotrexate-resistant cell lines, in the parental sensitive cell line and in several inbred mouse strains, indicating that this organization represents that of the natural gene [29].
  • Among patients with increased risk, radiation offered greater protection to the central nervous system than methotrexate (P = 0.03); there was no difference in the rate of hematologic relapse [30].
  • RESULTS: Recipients of cord blood were younger than recipients of bone marrow (median age, 5 years vs. 8 years; P<0.001), weighed less (median weight, 17 kg vs. 26 kg; P<0.001), and were less likely to have received methotrexate for prophylaxis against GVHD (28 percent vs. 65 percent, P<0.001) [31].
  • Letter: Methotrexate in cerebrospinal fluid [32].
  • These variables, as well as the grip strength and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, showed significant (P less than 0.01) improvement at 24 weeks in the population crossed over to methotrexate [33].

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