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Effect of ASTA Z 7557 (INN mafosfamide) a precursor of 4-hydroxy-cyclophosphamide on human T-lymphocytes' Fc-receptors and immunoregulatory functions.

The precursor ASTA Z 7557 of the in vivo active metabolite 4-hydroxy-cyclophosphamide (4OH-Cy) of cyclophosphamide (Cy) was tested for selective effects on human T-lymphocytes' Fc gamma-receptor expression and certain immunoregulatory functions. It has been found that ASTA Z 7557 does not alter the expression of Fc gamma-F- or Fc gamma-I-receptors on the T-cell membrane nor does it exhibit differential toxicity for either T-cell subpopulation. PWM-induced B-cell proliferation is inhibited by ASTA Z 7557, whereas B-cells' Ig-synthesis as well as ConA-driven T-cell proliferation is only blocked with higher doses of the reagent. Final concentrations above 1 microgram/ml may therefore abrogate ConA-induction of suppressor T-lymphocytes. Already ConA-activated suppressor cells of PWM-driven B-cell cultures, however, are not inhibited even with high doses of ASTA Z 7557.[1]


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