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Alpha-Adrenergic receptors modulate beta-receptor affinity in rat kidney membranes.

Adrenergic receptors were first classified into two calsses--alpha and beta--on the basis of the relative pharmacological potencies of agonist compounds, and this classification has been supported by subsequent studies. In some tissues, such as the heart and liver, they exert similar physiological responses, and in other tissues, such as the uterus and vasculature, they have opposing roles. The occurrence of both classes of receptor in the same tissue lewwds to the problem of what determines whether the overall response observed is alpha-type or beta-type, as adrenaline and noradrenaline bind to both receptor classes. Furthermore, direct binding studies have demonstrated that the two receptor classes are distinct and separate entities. We show here that stimulation of alpha-receptors in renal membranes causes a specific decrease in the affinity of the agonist compound isoprenaline for beta-receptors in the same membranes. This demonstrates that interactions occur between renal alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors. Such interactions may modulate the response of the kidney to sympathetic stimulation.[1]


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