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Genes of the H-2 complex regulate the antibody response to murine leukemia virus.

The influence of the major histocompatibility complex of the mouse (H-2 complex) on the antibody response against murine leukemia virus (MuLV) was investigated after 3 different ways of virus presentation (milk transmission of virus, spontaneous virus activation, and immunization with inactivated virus). The antibody response against MuLV was measured in the sera of H-2 congenic C57BL V+ sublines (V+ denotes positive for milk-transmitted MuLV), (B10.AV+ X C57BL)F1 mice, (C57BL X AKR)F1 mice and of C57BL animals after immunization with inactivated AKR virus. The pattern of immune responsiveness of the different C57BL strains to MuLV was independent of virus replication and was similar for the 3 ways of virus presentation. Serum antibody levels were controlled by 2 genes within the H-2 complex. The first gene (Ir-MuLV-1) was located in the I-A region and was complemented by a second gene (Ir-MuLV-2), which was situated in the regions to the right of the I-B region. Presence of 2 responder alleles (Ir-MuLV-1+,2+) led to an optimal antibody response (H-2b haplotype). Animals that only expressed a responder allele in the I-A region (Ir-MuLV-1+,2-) were intermediate responders. Animals lacking a responder allele in the I-A region (Ir-MuLV-1-,2+ or Ir-MuLV-1-,2-) were low responders.[1]


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