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AKR murine leukemia virus

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Disease relevance of AKR murine leukemia virus


High impact information on AKR murine leukemia virus

  • Using a [3H]DNA probe prepared from AKR murine leukemia virus, we determined the number of copies of the AKR virus genome integrated into the cellular DNA after exogenous infection of NIH mouse, AKR mouse, and rat cells in tissue culture [3].
  • In addition, the U3 region of CWM-S-5X contained a viral enhancer sequence that was identical to that found in MCF 247, a recombinant AKR virus that is thought to contain the Bxv-1 enhancer [4].
  • Fragment exchange between the XC-negative molecular clone p110 and the XC-positive AKR virus clone p623 revealed that the defect in p110 lies 3' of the SalI site located in the pol region [5].
  • Upon growth in certain mouse cells these replication-deficient, XC(-) viruses converted to type C viruses that were similar in XC assays to N-tropic AKR virus (XC+) [6].
  • Endogenous DNA synthesis by AKR virus particles was inhibited by novobiocin to the same extent [7].


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