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Regulatory interactions between mitochondrial genes: interactions between two mosaic genes.

We have studied the mitochondrial DNA and the phenotypes of strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with specific intervening sequences in two mosaic genes: cob (the gene for apocytochrome b) and oxi3 (the gene for subunit I of cytochrome oxidase). The results suggest the following. (i) The presence of an intervening sequence downstream encompassing the intron box7 is sufficient for the regulation of oxi3 by cob (BOX phenotype); two sequences (containing intron loci box3 and box10) upstream in cob and two in oxi3 are dispensable. (ii) Strains without the two sequences upstream still contain the downstream sequence and the competence to specify a functional trans-acting element. Mutational lesions in this segment are phenotypically indistinguishable from box7 mutants, including the accumulation of polypeptides with homologous amino acid sequences. (iii) A catabolite-sensitive BOX phenotype, characteristic of mutants in the first exon, requires the simultaneous presence of an adjacent intervening sequence. A model is presented in which a hypothetical product specified by an intron (locus box7) of the cob gene controls the expression of a second mosaic gene (oxi3).[1]


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