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A comparative study on the genes for three porins of the Escherichia coli outer membrane. DNA sequence of the osmoregulated ompC gene.

The DNA sequence of the ompC gene which encodes one of the outer membrane porins has been determined. The gene appears to encode a secretory precursor of OmpC protein consisting of a total of 367 amino acid residues with a signal peptide of 21 amino acid residues at its NH2-terminal end. The 5' end noncoding region including the promoter of the ompC gene is extremely [A-T]-rich, and the codon usage in the ompC gene is unusual as are those in genes for other abundant outer membrane proteins. The promoter sequence of the ompC gene was compared with that of the ompF gene, both of which are controlled by the osmoregulatory operon, ompB. The deduced amino acid sequence of the OmpC protein showed extensive homology with that of the other porins (OmpF and PhoE proteins). The homology in the primary amino acid sequences, as well as the coding DNA sequences among the porins, indicates that the structural genes for the three porins evolved from a common ancestral gene. Comparison of the amino acid sequences among the OmpC, OmpF, and PhoE porins will be discussed with regard to structure and function.[1]


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