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Studies on the modification of the cellular response to injury: effect of mannitol on Ehrlich ascites tumor cells following injury by anoxia or p-chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid (PCMBS).

The possible protective effects of 30 and 180 mM mannitol added to the extracellular medium were studied in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells (EATC) injured by the nonpenetrating mercurial p-chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid (PCMBS) or by anoxia. Protection was provided with 180 mM mannitol as observed by vital dye uptake, cell volume determinations, and electron microscopy studies in cells incubated for 1 hr in 1 mM PCMBS; however, no protection was observed after 2 and 4 hr. EATC injured by anoxia were not protected by 180 mM mannitol nor did 30 mM offer protection to cells following injury with either PCMBS or anoxia.[1]


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