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The effect of dietary alpha-linolenic acid in the rat on fatty acid profiles of immunocompetent cell populations.

Analysis of diet-induced fatty acid changes in the major phospholipids of various immune cell populations has not been previously documented, particularly modifications induced by dietary alpha-linolenic acid. Rats were fed purified diets containing either 10% corn oil (CO), 10% linseed oil (LO) or 10% soybean oil-linseed mixture (SL) for 8 weeks. The alpha-linolenic to linoleic acid ratios of the diets were 1:32, 1:1 and 3:1, respectively. Fatty acid analysis of cell populations isolated from he spleen, thymus, thoracic cavity and peripheral blood phospholipids showed increases in omega 3 fatty acids accompanied by decreases in the omega 6 fatty acids when diets high in alpha-linolenic to linoleic acid ratios were fed. The extent of change observed was dependent on the magnitude of the alpha-linolenic to linoleic acid ratio. Both magnitude of change and the specific fatty acids altered varied with the cell population examined.[1]


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