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Influenza B virus genome: complete nucleotide sequence of the influenza B/lee/40 virus genome RNA segment 5 encoding the nucleoprotein and comparison with the B/Singapore/222/79 nucleoprotein.

The complete nucleotide sequence of a cloned full-length DNA copy of genome RNA segment 5 of influenza B/Lee/40 virus has been determined. The genome segment is 1841 nucleotides in length and is capable of coding for a nucleoprotein (NP) of 560 amino acids. Comparison with the only other known sequence of an influenza B virus nucleoprotein gene (B/Singapore/222/79) indicates striking homology. Only 113 nucleotide substitutions are present between the two strains in their protein coding region and these lead to only 22 amino acid substitutions between nucleoproteins of identical polypeptide chain length. Assuming a common lineage, this reflects a calculated rate of amino acid sequence divergence of 0.1% per year. Like its influenza A virus counterpart, the influenza B/Lee/40 nucleoprotein is a basic protein with a relatively even distribution of its charged residues. The remarkable conservation of nucleoprotein primary structure over a 39-year period probably reflects both selection for performance of specific functions and protection from antigenic selection by the host immune system.[1]


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