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Responses of cat vestibular neurons to stimulation of the frontal cortex.

To study the neural basis for the regulation of vestibulocollic reflexes during voluntary head movements, the effects of stimulation of the precruciate cortex near the presylvian sulcus (neck area of the motor cortex) and the frontal eye fields (FEF) on vestibular neurons were studied in cerebellectomized cats anesthetized with alpha chloralose. Neurons were recorded in the medial and descending vestibular nuclei and antidromically identified from C1. Stimulation of the FEF and precruciate cortex fired 29 and 13% of neurons that did not exhibit spontaneous activity. About 80% of spontaneously discharging neurons were influenced by stimulation of either of the two. Stimulation of the precruciate cortex or FEF suppressed or facilitated labyrinthine evoked monosynaptic activation of vestibulospinal neurons, suggesting that the frontal cortical neurons have the properties to regulate the vestibulocollic reflexes.[1]


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