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Subcellular sorting of isoactins: selective association of gamma actin with skeletal muscle mitochondria.

We describe two subpopulations of actin antibodies isolated by affinity chromatography from a polyclonal antibody to chicken gizzard actin. One subpopulation recognizes gamma actins from smooth muscle and nonmuscle cells, but does not recognize alpha actin from skeletal muscle. The other subpopulation recognizes determinants that are common to alpha actin from skeletal muscle and the two gamma actin isotypes. Neither antibody recognizes cytoplasmic beta actin. Both antibodies recognize only actins or molecules with determinants that are also present in actins. By immunofluorescence we found that the anti-gamma actin colocalizes with mitochondria in fibers of mouse diaphragm, and that it does not bind detectably to the 1 bands of sarcomeres. The antibody that recognizes both alpha and gamma actins stains 1 bands intensely, as expected. We interpret these observations as preliminary evidence for selective association of gamma actin with skeletal muscle mitochondria and, more broadly, as evidence for subcellular sorting of isoactins.[1]


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