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Control of arg gene expression in Salmonella typhimurium by the arginine repressor from Escherichia coli K-12.

The regulation of synthesis of arg enzymes in Salmonella typhimurium by the arginine repressor of Escherichia coli K-12 has been reevaluated using a strain of S. typhimurium in which the argR gene was rendered nonfunctional by inserting the translocatable tetracycline-resistance element Tn10 into the argR gene. In contrast to previous studies, the introduction of the argR+ allelle of E. coli on an F-prime factor to the argR::Tn10 S. typhimurium strain reduced the synthesis of arg enzymes to essentially wild-type levels. The elevated levels of arg enzymes observed in other hybrid merodiploids may have been the consequence of the formation of hybrid repressor molecules. The readily scoreable phenotype of tetracycline resistance facilitated establishing linkage of cod and argR (0.6% cotransduction) by P22 phage-mediated transduction.[1]


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