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Relationship between beta2-microglobulin and cell-surface alloantigens of the mouse.

Molecular relationships between beta2m and other cell surface antigens (H-2, Tla, Ia, and Thy-1) were studied with the double immunofluorescence method. Cells were incubated with an antiserum against one antigen capped, and then tested with an antiserum against a second antigen. Capping of beta2m on thymocytes led to simultaneous capping of H-2 and Tla but not Thy-1 antigens; capping of H-2 and TIa (but not Thy-1) antigens resulted in capping of all beta2m detectable by the immunofluorescence method. Similarly, capping of beta2m on B or T lymphocytes resulted in capping of H-2 and vice versa. Ia antigens on B lymphocytes were not capped after the redistribution of beta2m. We conclude from these data that, in the cell membrane of thymocytes, virtually all the beta2m molecules are associated with H-2 and Tla, but not with Thy-1, and that on the cell surface of T or B lymphocytes, virtually all beta2m is associated with H-2 but not with Ia. We found no evidence of any significant free beta2m on either thymocytes or splenocytes.[1]


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