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Mineral and vitamin nutrition of swine.

Major changes in the swine industry during the last quarter century have influenced mineral and vitamin nutrition of swine. Improvements in the efficiency of lean tissue synthesis of pigs through selection has necessitated a reappraisal of dietary requirements of minerals and vitamins to realize the genetic potential. Bioavailabilities of some minerals and vitamins in various feedstuffs have been determined. Much is still to be done. The importance of trace elements in biology and in the swine diet became well recognized during the last 25 years. Analytical capabilities are well developed. Skeletal strength and other measures of maximum bone mineralization have been used as sensitive criteria for dietary adequacy of Ca, P and vitamin D. Dietary mineral or vitamin deficiencies or excesses in the etiology of osteochondrosis or atrophic rhinitis have yet to be satisfactorily proven. The emergence in the last 25 years of the use of supplemental vitamin E and selenium in swine diets and their roles in protection of cellular and subcellular membranes from peroxidative damage have been of utmost importance. The presence of unique proteins carrying trace elements or vitamins in uterine fluids of swine merits research into their role in reproduction. The entire field of trace element and vitamin involvement in endocrine function is a largely unresearched area of swine nutrition. In this paper we review major accomplishments of the last 25 years in mineral and vitamin nutrition of swine and suggest areas of future research needs.[1]


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