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Calcification, Physiologic

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Disease relevance of Calcification, Physiologic


Psychiatry related information on Calcification, Physiologic

  • These metabolic changes have an impact on bone mineralization during a critical period in the development of bone mass.Recognition by physicians of the so-called 'female athlete triad', consisting of disordered eating, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis, may allow therapeutic intervention [6].

High impact information on Calcification, Physiologic

  • This enzyme regulates soft-tissue calcification and bone mineralization by producing inorganic pyrophosphate, a major inhibitor of calcification [7].
  • Physiological calcification occurs in bone when the soft ECM is converted into a rigid material capable of sustaining mechanical force; pathological calcification can occur in arteries and cartilage and other soft tissues [8].
  • These findings indicate that the OPG/OPGL/RANK signaling pathway may play an important role in both pathological and physiological calcification processes [9].
  • Serum levels of BGP corrected for alterations in renal function are superior to uncorrected S-BGP and to S-AP levels in the estimation of bone mineralization rates [10].
  • Lithium chloride administration to growing rats, which resulted in circulating lithium levels of 1.4 meq/liter, was attended by significant suppression of bone mineralization and organic matrix synthesis as assessed by tetracycline labeling and histological quantitation of osteoid, respectively [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Calcification, Physiologic


Biological context of Calcification, Physiologic


Anatomical context of Calcification, Physiologic


Associations of Calcification, Physiologic with chemical compounds


Gene context of Calcification, Physiologic

  • Our data provide evidence that TNAP and PC-1 are key regulators of the extracellular PP(i) concentrations required for controlled bone mineralization [22].
  • The observed decreased mineral content in dmp1 null mice indicates a key role for dmp1 in bone mineralization [30].
  • In this rare incidence of estrogen deficiency, estrogen replacement demonstrated its importance for bone mineralization and maturation and glucose metabolism in a male carrying a novel mutation in the CYP19 gene [31].
  • To better define the precise role of FGF-23 in maintaining Pi balance and bone mineralization, we generated transgenic mice that express wild-type human FGF-23, under the control of the alpha1(I) collagen promoter, in cells of the osteoblastic lineage [32].
  • X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) is phenotypically similar to OHO and results from mutations in PHEX, a putative metallopeptidase believed to process a factor(s) regulating bone mineralization and renal phosphate reabsorption [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Calcification, Physiologic


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