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Induction by UV light of the SOS function sfiA in Escherichia coli strains deficient or proficient in excision repair.

The influence of the nucleotide excision repair system on the induction by UV irradiation of the SOS function sfiA has been investigated. The level of sfiA expression was monitored by means of a sfiA::lacZ operon fusion in both the wild-type strain and a uvrA mutant. We found that the initial steady rate of sfiA expression was proportional to the UV dose and was identical in uvr+ and uvrA backgrounds. This suggests that the initial steady rate of sfiA expression is determined by the initial number of lesions and before any effect of excision repair. We confirmed that after 2 h of expression the net synthesis of sfiA product is, for the same UV dose, about five times lower in uvr+ than in uvrA strains. We show that this is due to earlier repression of the SOS system in uvr+ than in uvrA strains and not to different initial rates.[1]


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