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Linker mutagenesis in the gene of an outer membrane protein of Escherichia coli, lamB.

In order to identify sequences involved in the localization of LamB, an outer membrane protein from E coli K12, mutagenesis by linker insertion has been performed on a lamB gene copy carried on a plasmid devised for this purpose. An analysis of the first set of 16 clones constructed by this technique shows that, in these clones, the lamB protein is altered either by frameshift mutations leading to abnormal COOH terminal (usually premature termination) or by in-phase deletions or small insertions. Except for two in-phase linker insertions, which only slightly changed the behavior of the protein, the modified proteins are either toxic to cell growth or unstable. In all cases examined so far, the modified proteins were in the outer membrane. We suggest that toxicity is due to incorrect folding, which leads to disruption of the outer membrane. The nature of the genetic alterations leads to the hypothesis that the first 183 amino acids of the LamB mature protein contain, together with the signal sequence, all the instructions needed for proper localization.[1]


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