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Effect of propranolol treatment in pregnant rats on motor activity and avoidance learning of the offspring.

Rats born to mothers treated with propranolol, during days 8-22 of gestation, displayed hyperactivity in the open field which lasted up to 60 days of age and an impairment of avoidance in the shuttle box which was more marked in the male rats. Females exhibited hyperactivity in the open field but developed impaired avoidance learning only when exposed prenatally to both propranolol and hypoxia. Propranolol administration during the last term of pregnancy (days 18-22) affected mostly shuttle box performance. In contrast, hyperactivity could be induced by treatment during various stages of pregnancy, (days 8-22, 8-18, or 18-22) with the duration of hyperactivity being directly related to the length of treatment of the mothers. The possible mechanism of the disruptive effect of propranolol in the fetus and newborn is discussed.[1]


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