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Principles of constructing efficient erythrocyte immunoglobulin diagnostics.

Selection of the method of loading erythrocytes with preparations of immunoglobulins (IG) should be determined by the properties of the sensitins to be used. For the production of efficient antibody diagnostics it is advisable to use amidol while in the case of highly active and concentrated sera, amidol, CrCl3 and glutaraldehyde should be employed. The application of IgG preparations considerably enhances the sensitivity of PHAR in the indication of antigens. Immunoglobulin diagnostics on the basis of IG preparations of normal sera should be produced by means of rivanol, tannin or previously heated erythrocytes. In the multiform group of erythrocyte immunoglobulin diagnostics it is necessary to distinguish antibody and non-antibody preparations. Such a classification is justified with respect to differences in the purpose and the optimum methods of production of immunoglobulin diagnostics.[1]


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