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Interferences with potentiometry of CO2 in the Ektachem 400 Analyzer.

We have investigated the Kodak Ektachem 400 Analyzer procedure for CO2 for interferences from benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, and several compounds structurally similar to benzoic acid. Benzoic acid in plasma, at concentrations found in neonates intoxicated with benzyl alcohol, caused a large increase in the results for CO2, as did substantially above-normal concentrations of certain fatty acids and keto-acids, and toxic concentrations of aspirin. We observed a correlation between increasing benzoic acid concentrations (up to 17 mmol/L) and falsely increasing CO2 values (greater than 47 mmol/L) obtained with the Ektachem Analyzer for samples from a neonate in the intensive-care unit, who was receiving benzyl alcohol-preserved saline solutions. Although the Ektachem CO2 procedure is simple and rapid, and in most cases accurate, questionable results are occasionally encountered, as indicated by a low anion gap or a measured CO2 exceeding that calculated from blood gas measurements. Such results require the use of another method for verification.[1]


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