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Clinical experience with cefoperazone in biliary tract infections.

The biliary excretion of cefoperazone in experimental animals, and humans, was investigated. Biliary excretion of cefoperazone in rats, rabbits, dogs, and monkeys was always higher than that of cephazolin. Biliary excretion was markedly reduced in experimentally-produced liver cirrhosis in rats. Comparing the biliary excretion of cefoperazone and cephazolin in a crossover study in patients, the excretion of cefoperazone was shown to be much higher than that of cephazolin. In clinical studies in 116 patients with biliary tract infections such as cholecystitis, cholangitis, and liver abscess, cefoperazone was effective in 90 (78%). The incidence of side effects was low. In conclusion, cefoperazone was considered to be effective in treating biliary tract infections because of its broad antibacterial spectrum and high penetration into bile.[1]


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