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Cells transformed by certain strains of Moloney sarcoma virus contain murine p60.

It was previously demonstrated that the 60,000 dalton ( p60) precursor-like polyprotein containing murine p30 was a constituent of the feline leukemia virus pseudotype of Moloney sarcoma virus [m1MSV(FeLV)]. It is now shown that p60 is detected in cells of five mammalian species transformed by m1MSV, indicating that p60 is specified by this genome. Moreover, little or no murine p30 is detected in the m1MSV-transformed cells, suggesting that the murine group p30 antigenic reactivity of S + L- cells is ude to p60. Pulse-chase studies in cells producing m1MSV(FeLV) show that p60 is the largest polypeptide detectable during the pulse, and that intracellular p60 is not cleaved into smaller (for example, p30) polypeptides during chase periods of up to 10 hr. The lack of cleavage of p60 is in contrast to the properties of p30 precursors detected in cells containing replicating avian or mammalian RNA tumor viruses. The inefficient cleavage of intracellular p60 and the kinetics of appearance of murine p30 in extracellular m1MSV(FeLV) suggest that p60 cleavage to p30 occurs in cells shortly before virus release. While only p60 was detected in the m1MSV-transformed cells, p60 and p70 were detected in m3MSV-transformed cells, and no immunoprecipitable polypeptides were detected in HT-1 MSV-transformed cells. The observed differences in the intracellular polypeptide expression by each of the strains of MSV suggests differences in genetic content.[1]


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